Thursday, January 26, 2012


Okay, I'm about to be all like, "ah yeah son, fourth post, let's get serious and have a heart-to-heart."

And you're (this is assuming there is a 'you') going to be all like, "ah naw she didn't. Girlfran be wack!"

Regardless, you're about to be hit with a wrecking ball full of real life.

Sometimes I just think negative thoughts as an automatic thing. And then I have to stop and think to myself, "hey you, stop that. it's not even true." I know, internal pep talks are the definition of cool.

Full disclosure, I recently lost some weight. Hard not to acknowledge it I guess, unless you didn't know me before, in which case this is awkward. Point is, I'm so used to thinking negative weight thoughts to myself it's hard to stop. My self-image is pretty much at the highest it's ever been...I would say I'm borderline arrogant? However, I try to keep the 'tude in check, and don't misinterpret. I'm not some hottie with a smokin' body (SEE, negative), but I am also not as bad as my mind seems to want me to think I am.

A girl's mind is a funny thing, at least mine is. Whenever I think something positive about the way I look (because I'm shallow) or act (when I'm trying not to be shallow, but ultimately still am) I feel like I'm being cocky and I beat myself up about it.

But if you make a habit of negative thoughts, your self-image is never going to get better. Why would it? People aren't going to give you endless, personalized compliments every five minutes on the minute to reassure you that you're looking foxy, or that you're the smartest person they know. Why would they? That's for you to do!! YOU are the one who's in control of what you think, and what you think...well, that's pretty important.

So here's what's up. I am trying to do this thing called positive thinking. Insane, amiright? I am trying to know the difference between overly confident and YESIAM confident, but really, is there a difference?

Anyhow, it's time for confidence, girls. Own yourself, regardless of looks or what you think other people think. Why not? Let the confidence surface. Rawr.

I know. so many generalizations. And so much girl power.


And with that, good night.

p.s. this is the kind of rambling and disorganization that happens when I don't stick to my list format. you're welcome.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Girl With...

You know that book/movie that just came out, 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo'? Well, if it were a story about my life here are some possible titles:

  1. The Girl with the  Baggy Leggings
  2. The Girl with the Clacky Boots
  3. The Girl with the Fake Tooth  
  4. The Girl with the Pimp Watch
  5. The Girl with the Tripping Problems, but not on Shrooms
  6. The Girl with the Cardigan Obsession
  7. The Girl with the Ballin Mercury Sable
  8. The Girl with the Freckles
  9. The Girl with the Grandmotherly Socks and Hobbies*
  10. The Girl with the Expressive Brows
That was a lot more boring than I anticipated. My bad; that's on me. I also apologize for all the things about my clothing...booooring.

And just let this confirm what you've all been thinking. Yes, I list everything in my life. It's just more organized. True life, and don't you forget it. :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I secretly, but not so secretly, want a twitter, but I'm always concerned that I wouldn't have any followers OR anything to say, for that matter.

However, I'm going to give you my day in could have been tweets. 140 characters or less.

aaaand go!

1. Late to class, but so was the professor #earlymorningwin

2. Multiple choice quizzes rock my world

3. Oh, falling up the stairs? #nbd #awesomesauce

4. Nice wind tunnel Purdue. How about you put the buildings closer together? #rude

5. Oh you want to be put on hold? Hang on, let me just lose your call first.

6. PB crackers for lunch #eerday

7. History is for the Puritans #ahsnap #hist151


9. Oh goodie, a 3 hr night class and my ipod is dead. #snooze #ilearngood

10. hummus, marry me? #toolatetobesnackinbutiam

11. good night, moon.