Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Anorexic Me

The title is a joke. One in poor taste (punny? no? ok.), but yet, a joke.

Today marks the very first day of my life that I was accused of becoming anorexic. By my Dad. Who I live with, and had just watched me eat a whole dinner.

So yeah, this girl. Normal BMI, healthy eater, runner, and apparently a poster child for the abnormally unhealthy. Not the greatest feeling in the world.

I guess I'll just have to broadcast my eating habits more. Maybe send up smoke signals with every snack. I do often burn my quesadillas. har.har. I am hilarious.

p.s. I know you're like, what the WHAT?!?! This chick totally just pretended like she didn't ignore us for WEEKS and NOT post when she said she would...unacceptable. And let me tell you, I agree. I would promise to do better, but I just can't. Too. Much. Stuff. To. Do. No. Job. Yet.

1 comment:

  1. Welcome to the club. My brother and a few others have made the anorexic comment. Just brush it off and go eat a burger. And no, I am not overlooking the fact that we have not talked about your trip and I have not seen a single picture!!! But I know you're busy, but seeeriously girl. You're killin me.