Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Yesterday was an eventful day...largely due to my complete inability to be normal. I'm not ashamed.  I'm also reverting to my favorite blog post format: listing! Badaboom.

1. Meeting with my professor. I ran out of questions and just babbled about my personal life to my professor. I am so NOT getting the extra credit I asked for. Literally talked about my mother...and my class schedule...aaaaand life...and my lack of a job. Seriously, I left that meeting so embarrassed, but for some reason I just could not stop the babbling. Ah well. Mom was all, "well maybe it's good you've established as relationship with him. He'll remember you!" Yes, Mama, he will remember me, as the chick who probably didn't study enough for his exam (another of my confessions).

2. Snuck in a run when one of my classes was cancelled. This was awesome except for two things. First, I over estimated the time I had so I had to squeeze my distance into 5 less minutes than I thought I had. Not so easy...just...terrible. And second, there was a woman wearing depends there. Those depends were full of poo. Probably too much information, but it reeked, and she was on the treadmill next to mine. I almost vommed, but it totally motivated me to get it over with

3. Did not work over lunch. This was just flat out awesome.

4. Got asked to go out on Thursday night with a dude I don't know too well because he might win this business plan competition (involved CASH MONEY as the prize), and thinking I would be high-larious, I was all, "oh, you buying?" Then I realized that sounded presumptuous and flirtatious. So...that's going to make our group project awkward...especially since I didn't mean it like that. Ah yeah, keep up the winning LB.

Here's hoping today involves me displaying more reserve and tact....

Fat chance.

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  1. And this is why I love you. And why I still am committed to my statement that your life would be an awesome reality show.

    Goodness you make me laugh (and smile) -- I hope today goes more smoothly! You totally make me feel like my life is boring and uneventful.;)