Friday, February 10, 2012

To Facebook, or Not to Facebook, that is the question.

Full disclosure, I'm a bit of a facebook (from here on, it'll be abbreviated 'fb', deal) addict. I check it several times a day and rarely have notifications because I do nothing on it but be a creep. ANYWAY, I'm starting to get annoyed with all the statuses (stati?) that I read about people owning life, because let's face it, no one's going to put up a status about their failures. UNLESS they're broadcasting their weight to the world, but I think I'll talk about that later.

No, wait. I'll talk about it right now, because that's what this post is about...yeah buddy. Apparently all my friends are jumping on the weight-loss wagon. It's the hot celebrity thing (I'm looking at you, Jennifer Hudson and Jordin Sparks, yes, you), and wanting to be healthy is cool and all, but I will seriously get violent (not really) the next time I see someone post their ACTUAL weight or ACTUAL pounds lost on fb. I mean fo real, why??? I'm all cryptic, and only my family knows the real stats of LB's scale battle, and I have every intention of keeping it that way. If you need the internet to know that you're "resolving to create a healthy, skinnier you" then I can tell you right now, you may succeed, but ultimately you fail, because it wasn't for you. It was for other people.

Which brings me back to my favorite soap box, be happy being you, no matter what. It's so SO easy to say, I tried to talk myself into a thousand times, and you know what? It only really worked recently, and it is probably directly related to my weight loss, but HEY it's what worked for me. I think even more important than the weight loss, it's the running. All those endorphins make me love e'erybody, even me.

Point is, in some convoluted way I'm saying the same thing I said about confidence. It's all about you. And if you need to post about you on fb, bully for you, but just know, you're annoying to poo-poo out of me, and you're sharing more than you'll want to one day. For me, I'm so SO glad it was kind of private for me. I am not someone who enjoys people's comments about my appearance. I often respond by blushing and simultaneously giving the ever arrogant, "yeah, I know. I'm a hot chick. Don't let it change our relationship." Or other personal fave, I lick my finger and touch to my heinie along with a 'sssss' sound, because THAT is how hot I am. Wish I were kidding about these. I'm not. Yes, I am Queen of Awkward and Socially Unacceptable, let me know if you want to join/visit my kingdom. All are welcome.

I feel like I lost focus somewhere in those lengthy paragraphs, but yeah, keep your private stuff private*.

Please and Thank you.

*kind of ironic to say this in a blog post....whatevs.

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  1. Finnaaallly. I have been creeping on your blog waiting very impatiently for a post. -- Interesting post. As usual, I quite enjoyed it. - I like how frank you are and also how much you have grabbed a hold of this whole positive-outlook thingamabob. Goodness you're great. And I get to see you today!! Woo!